A Technological Revolution for Your Eyes


In the realm of ocular healthcare, innovation has been constant, ensuring that solutions exist for a myriad of visual impairments. One such groundbreaking technology that's transforming lives is the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) procedure. This remarkable vision correction alternative offers an exciting avenue for those unable or unwilling to undergo traditional refractive procedures like LASIK or PRK. Let's delve into the science behind the EVO ICL procedure, its benefits, patient experiences, and the process involved.

The Science Behind EVO ICL

The EVO ICL, developed by STAAR Surgical, is an implantable lens that is surgically placed in front of the eye's natural lens, behind the iris, to correct refractive errors. Unlike traditional contact lenses that sit on the surface of the eye, EVO ICL is surgically implanted inside the eye.

The lens itself is made of Collamer, a unique, biocompatible material exclusive to STAAR Surgical. This high-tech polymer contains a small amount of purified collagen, which is remarkably compatible with the eye's natural environment, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. The Collamer technology permits the lens to be exceptionally thin yet structurally stable, ensuring excellent vision quality with little to no distortions.


Benefits of EVO ICL

Long-term Efficacy and Safety

EVO ICL boasts an excellent track record for both long-term efficacy and safety. It's been used globally for over 20 years with consistently positive outcomes. Unlike LASIK, the procedure does not involve removing corneal tissue, which reduces the risk of complications associated with corneal procedures

High Definition Vision

Patients who have undergone the EVO ICL procedure often report high definition vision, even better than what they experienced with glasses or contacts. The Collamer-based lens offers unsurpassed optical performance, helping to achieve crystal-clear, sharp vision.

UV Protection

An inherent advantage of the EVO ICL lens is its ultraviolet (UV) blocking capability. This built-in feature protects the eyes from harmful UV radiation, further enhancing ocular health.


While the EVO ICL is designed to provide lifelong vision correction, it's not permanently affixed to the eye. If a patient's vision changes significantly over time, or if they experience complications, the lens can be removed or replaced.

Patient Experience

The EVO ICL procedure is typically quick and painless, often taking less than 30 minutes. Most patients report significant vision improvement within 24 hours. The recovery period is usually short, with many patients resuming their normal activities within a few days.

Patient satisfaction rates for the EVO ICL procedure are remarkably high. In postoperative surveys, patients frequently mention their newfound freedom from glasses or contact lenses and the enhanced clarity and sharpness of their vision. The lens is entirely invisible and undetectable, leading to a seamless and natural visual experience.

The Process Involved

The EVO ICL process involves a pre-operative consultation, the procedure itself, and follow-up appointments. In the initial consultation, a thorough eye examination is conducted to determine the patient's eligibility for the procedure. If approved, the procedure is scheduled.

The procedure starts with the application of numbing drops to ensure patient comfort. A tiny opening is then made in the cornea, through which the lens is inserted and positioned behind the iris. Once in place, the lens begins its work of correcting vision immediately. Post-procedure, follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the patient's recovery and vision improvement. Any necessary adjustments are made during these visits.


In the continually evolving landscape of eye care, the EVO ICL procedure stands out as a versatile, effective, and safe solution for refractive errors. With its superior technology, significant benefits, and high patient satisfaction rates, EVO ICL offers an appealing option for those seeking freedom from glasses or contact lenses.

By harnessing the advanced biocompatible technology of Collamer, EVO ICL addresses vision correction while fitting seamlessly into the eye's natural environment. The results? A remarkable visual experience that brings the world into sharper focus

Considering a vision correction procedure? Explore the possibilities with EVO ICL. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Kagan and step into a clearer, brighter future.

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